Pet Containment Guarantee and Warranty

Most Pet Stop products are covered under our lifetime warranty. All Pet Stop Outdoor Transmitters and Receivers are backed by Lifetime Warranty and our Indoor transmitter carries a 24 Month Warranty.


We offer a 30 day money back Guarantee and a 100% Pet Containment Guarantee. If we are unable to contain your pet, you will receive a refund.

No other company would dare make this promise:


"If you  can find a more advanced pet fence system, we'll buy it for you"

Simply put, our guarantee cannot be matched by any other pet containment company out there. Not Invisible Fence®,  Dog Watch®,  or Dog Guard®,  Not Pet Safe® or Innotek®,


What you can expect from us is an all around great experience from the Installation and training to  our products designed by the best engineers in the industry.



Choosing "The best fence you'll never see" for your pet is important.


Let Hoosier Pet Stop professionals show you why we're the best.


Customers rave about our customer service.  Let us show you why we stand out among our competition.