Pet Stop® brand hidden fencing - how it works


We understand that before you have your hidden pet fence installed, you'll need to know more about the product. No one wants to be left in the dark after all.


Here at Hoosier Hidden Pet Fence, we walk you through the entire process, from figuring out which fence design best suits you and your pets needs, to training, to follow-up service and support.


Upon installation, a boundary wire is buried a few inches underground around the area you want your pet confined to. Our pet fences are typically installed using one of the following three layouts, although it is possible to customize layouts for individual yards as needed:


The Perimeter Loop:

This is our most common installation.

With this layout, your entire yard is enclosed, allowing your pet to move freely between the front and back yards. To be neighbor-friendly, the loop may be installed closer to the house on the street side.


The Hourglass:

This layout encloses the front and back yards, but not the space in between.

Your pet will be able to play freely in the front or back yard, but will not be able to move between the two without going through your house.



The Double Loop:

This layout only encloses either the back or front yard. Generally, this is used only when a full perimeter or hourglass layout isn't possible due to landscaping or some other impediment.


Containment Solutions:

Keep your cat off the fine furniture and your dog out of the kitchen. Along with our outdoor transmitter systems, Pet Stop offers indoor great pet containment solutions as well.

Like our outdoor transmitters, our indoor containment solutions also feature the same extremely customizable settings, and it also has a special wireless option.