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Dog free to roam safe inside his dog fence
Dog free to roam safe inside his dog fence

Why Choose Pet Stop Pet Fence Systems

  • Your pet could use some more exercise.
  • You prefer to do business with a local company, someone who will treat your pets and your yard like their own. 
  • You recognize that there IS an important quality difference between China manufacturing and American manufacturing.
  • You may already have an Invisible Fence® or another pet containment brand and you are not satisfied with the product or service or costly batteries.
  • Your regular fence isn't keeping your dog, cat or other pet in your yard or on your property.
  • You may not have any fence or pet containment system to keep your dog, cat or other pet safe.
  • You may have heard about our great products and service.  


Pet Stop provides manufacturer warranties only on Pet Stop® brand products.  sells and or services all other brands of pet containment and electric fences only as an independent contractor, including all product upgrades, exchanges, trade-ins and replacements in 


We keep your pets safe, happy and at home.